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Pura Panela 454g

Pura Panela is a delicious unrefined raw cane sugar from Colombia.

Hand made by farmers, it is natural sugar cane juice dehydrated using an artisan process.

Delicious caramel flavour compliments espresso coffee perfectly.

Even the bag is made from sugar cane, which we think is awesome.


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Pura Panela is 100% pure, natural, unrefined and unbleached raw cane sugar.

Panela is handcrafted natural sugar cane juice dehydrated through an artisan process that retains nutrients and results in a delicious caramelesque flavour.

Packed with goodness and flavour, panela can be used as a replacement for refined sugar.

Cooking – Sweet dishes, sauces, desserts
Drinks – Coffee, tea, cocktails, fresh lemonade
Baking – Ideal for bread making, granolas, cakes, pastries and biscuits

Panela is a natural source of calcium & magnesium.

Ingredients: Dehydrated sugar cane juice


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