Hickling Espresso Blend

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Our Hickling Espresso is a little different.

We took a natural process Brazil and blended it post-roast with a sweet, juicy Guatemala.

The result is a flavour explosion, showcasing the potential of two exceptional coffees.

Give it a whirl, it’s tasty as filter or espresso.


Whole BeanWhole BeanFine (Espresso)Fine (Espresso)Coarse (Cafetiere)Coarse (Cafetiere)Medium (Filter)Medium (Filter)


About the coffee

Blending coffees together after roasting is interesting because it allows us to profile each component separately. Our Hickling Espresso is a base of natural process Brazilian speciality coffee roasted on a medium-dark profile, blended post-roast with a light-medium roast Guatemala. The resulting characteristics are juicy, apple acidity from the Guatemala, over a thick and sweet caramel base.

As espresso, we’re looking for a rich, mahogany-coloured start, going to a golden syrup at the 25 second mark. Ratio wise, we’d use 16 to 18 grams into 55 to 60ml of water. Play around, over-extracting can happen quickly, so if you’re losing the apple notes, cut the shot a little shorter.

6 reviews for Hickling Espresso Blend

  1. Mark F. (verified owner)

    An amazing post roast combination of 2 coffee beans, creates a wonderful “sweet & sour” tastes on the tongue. A great shot to start the day or after your evening meal, enjoy!

  2. Mark F. (verified owner)

    A wonderful way to start the day, a pleasing discovery which is full of flavour, thanks

  3. Nigel (verified owner)

    Just started having this espresso coffee brand. I am so satisfied their description of the flavour and the taste is spot on

  4. Carl (verified owner)

  5. Nigel (verified owner)

    If you like coffee like I do this is another one of the brands and type that you should try

  6. Jacqueline G. (verified owner)

    Really good tasting coffee – a real treat.

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