Hario V60

How to Brew with your Hario V60

Hario V60 is an iconic and beautiful coffee brewing method. A ceramic or plastic cone with a paper filter inside, simply add coffee and water and you’re good to go! Let’s have a look how to get started.

What you will need

A Hario V60 (available in various sizes and materials)
Filters to fit (we’re using unbleached papers)
Coffee (freshly roasted preferably)
A Coffee Grinder (unless using pre-ground coffee)
A Server or Mug
A Pouring Kettle
Hot Water

The Grind

Being a paper filter method, the Hario V60 will require a medium fine grind, similar to an AeroPress or Moka Pot. The grind should resemble caster sugar. Have a look at our grind guide here for tips on nailing your grind size.

The Setup

Begin by boiling your kettle. If you’ve got an electric pouring kettle all the better, but not to worry if not. We’re aiming for 94°C for our brew temperature. For our setup, we’ve got an 01 size V60, the smallest size. Add a filter paper to your V60 and pour hot water through the filter to wet it through and remove any papery taste. This will also pre-heat the V60 and server or mug.

Discard the pre-heat water and grind 25g of coffee to a medium-fine texture and add to the filter. Give a little shake to level it out.

The Method

The next stage is to pour the water over the coffee grounds. This is where having a pouring kettle is a great help, giving you fine control over the rate of brewing. You will have noticed the swirl pattern inside the Hario V60. This is to prevent the filter paper sticking to the side of the cone, allowing the coffee to extract evenly around the width of the V60.

With your water temperature at around the 94°C mark, it’s time to start brewing. Your first pour will be a small amount of water onto the grounds, allowing the coffee to bloom. If the coffee is very fresh, you will notice it bubble up and expand into the cone as it releases Carbon Dioxide. Allow the coffee to bloom for 20 seconds and a few drips of coffee to enter the server before your second pour.

The second pour will start from up high into the centre of the V60 to agitate the grounds, before moving the pouring kettle down in height. The rate of pour should be slow and steady here, with a circular motion. Take care to only wet the coffee grounds and not pour directly onto the filter paper. Fill the V60 to around 70% full, and allow the coffee to filter through the cone.

The final pour starts from low down, and is a slow pour, taking care to wet all the grounds evenly to get a nice, even extraction. Smooth, even swirls until the V60 is nearly full. Allow the coffee to filter through and you’re ready to serve. Aim for the whole brewing process to take around 3 minutes.


Time your brewing, because if you’re brewing too fast you should grind your coffee a little finer to avoid under-extraction.

Don’t pour directly onto the filter paper, because doing so will mean the water takes the easiest path out and ends up in the server without touching any coffee grinds.

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