Clever Dripper

How to Brew with your Clever Dripper

What’s a Clever Dripper, you may ask? Well, it’s a plastic brewing device which is somewhere between a Hario V60 and a French Press. Using a paper filter, coffee is brewed inside the Clever Dripper. When brewing is complete, the device is sat over the top of a cup, causing the coffee to fill straight into it. It’s pretty awesome, we must admit.

What you will need

A Clever Dripper
Size 4 Filter Papers
Tasty coffee
A grinder
Hot water
A timer
A cup

The Setup

Set your kettle to boil. We’re aiming for a brewing temperature of around 90°C. Pop a paper filter into the Clever Dripper and rinse through with hot water to remove any papery taste. Discard the water over a cup by sitting the device directly on top of it.

The Grind

Being a ‘full immersion’ brew method, we’re looking for a medium coarse grind with the texture of sharp sand. Check out our grind guide if you’re unsure of how best to prepare the coffee. Aim to grind 15g of coffee beans for one cup of coffee.

The Method

This is a very simple brew guide, which is one reason we love this method. Remove the lid and pop your Clever Dripper complete with filter on it’s base onto your scales and tare them. Add your medium coarse ground coffee, 15g for one cup, and give a gentle shake to level the bed of coffee. Tare the scales again ready for the water to be added. With your hot water at around the 90°C mark, pour a little directly onto the grounds to allow the coffee to bloom. Freshly roasted coffee gives off a lot of CO2 and aromatic compounds at this point, so you will see it bubble and expand. Top the rest of the water up until the scales read 250g. Set your timer for 5 minutes and pop the lid on to keep the coffee hot.

Once the 5 minutes has elapsed, lift the Clever Dripper over your cup and set it down. You will hear the brewed coffee begin to drain into the cup. Once completed, lift it back off the cup and place it down on it’s base. Your coffee is served!


Play around with brew temperature and time. If your coffee is too strong, you could add a little more water or a little less coffee, or reduce the brew time slightly.

If it tastes a little bitter, it could be that your water is too hot. Reduce the temperature next time to avoid scalding the coffee.

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