How to Brew with your AeroPress

If you’ve still not jumped onto the AeroPress band wagon just yet, sit tight as we show you how to make a banging cup of Americano-style coffee in just two minutes.

What you will need

Coffee (preferably whole bean and super fresh)
A Grinder (if whole bean coffee is used)
Your AeroPress and filter papers
A timer
Scales or the included measuring scoop
Boiled water

The Setup

Set your kettle on to boil. We’re aiming for a brewing temperature of 90°C. Take a paper filter and place it in the cap of the AeroPress and run a little warm water through it to remove any chance of a papery taste. Insert the plunger into the AeroPress by around 3cm, and sit the unit on to the counter with the plunger at the bottom and the open end at the top.

The Grind

Take your coffee beans and grind 15g to a medium fine consistency, a texture to resemble caster sugar. If you’re using pre-ground coffee, one level measure using the included scoop is spot on. We’ve got a handy grinding guide, if you’d like to check it out here.

The Method

Place your ground coffee inside the AeroPress and pour a little water in, allowing it a moment to bloom. Give the coffee a gentle stir with the included plastic stirrer and top up until around 1cm below the neck of the body. Set your timer for 1 minute. After this has elapsed, give a final gentle stir and screw your filter cap back onto the body. With your mug or cup sat on the counter, flip the AeroPress over and place over over your cup. Slowly but firmly begin to push the plunger down – we’re aiming to take 15 to 30 seconds to reach the bottom. Once a slight hissing noise occurs, you’ve finished brewing. Now squeeze the remaining air out over your sink to compress the coffee grounds. Unscrew the filter cap and eject the puck of ground coffee into your bin.

Enjoy your awesome AeroPress coffee!


Keep your rubber seal in tip top condition by storing your AeroPress with it fully inserted.

Don’t plunge all the way to the bottom, stop when it begins to hiss. We don’t want to aerate the coffee and taint the flavour.

Further Reading

Our friend Asser at the Coffee Chronicler has written a super in-depth guide into everything about the AeroPress. Check it out here for a full run down on this brew method.

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